Business Development Director / Manager


Are you always energetic and have a STRONG business mindset?
Are you willing to learn new skill sets?
Are you a good communicator and commander? 
Are you ready for your mind to be blown?

If yes, you are now invited to this new game: UUKA

Entrance Fee: Your CV


We want you to join our fun, vibrant and innovative team to generate new business opportunities and make an impact in the digital economy. Your mission is to help SMEs to solve their operational problems with the digital solutions offered by UUKA.

Before you start the game, make sure you have met the following entry requirements.

Bachelor degree, or higher
3-5 years experience in business development field
Outstanding communication skills for communicating with both technical and non-technical users
Creative and willing to learn new knowledge in different domains
Strong technology trend awareness
Knowledge of application programming is not mandatory but will be an added advantage

If you are excited to work at the intersection of software and business, START the game NOW!

Task 1: Strategy Execution
Set and execute development and promotion plans for UUKA
Contribute to the overall product strategy and roadmap, product development, and go-to-market planning
Understand how to translate business strategy and objectives into effective marketing execution tactics
Create contents for developer websites such as API documentation, tutorials, sample codes, source codes, etc.

Task 2: Market Research / Analysis
Prepare tactic execution
Understand the market, competitive landscape and target audience, how to segment and adapt messages, and to optimize campaign tactics.
Analyze customers' business needs and qualify the business requirements

Task 3: Communication Management
Maintain and prioritize the feedback from various stakeholders including developer facing websites, customer facing websites as well as social media

Challenge Reward: GET LEVEL UP!

You will be in contact with different companies from different sectors everyday
You will learn a lot about how companies over a wide range of different industries operate
Coffee, tea, and snacks are provided at all time

Are you ready to accept this challenge? If yes, what are you waiting for… APPLY NOW!


Learn more about UUKA

UUKA is an one-stop online platform (open source business apps) serving SMEs: Customer Management, Product Management, POS for Retail, etc. Our vision is to pioneer a new trend: encouraging and helping clients to create their best digital solution by providing flexible and easy-to-use online backend systems and applications.